Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Suddenly Old

::Bleaching out my brain::

SuddenlyOld1: Hey SweetKid, if it's not raining, do you want to go horseback riding with me on Saturday?
1SweetLilKid: OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!
1SweetLilKid: i would love to
SuddenlyOld1: how early you get up?
SuddenlyOld1: /do you have dance?
1SweetLilKid: yea but i can leave early if i need to
SuddenlyOld1: what time are you done? cuz you dance in OverThere and the place to ride is OverHere.
1SweetLilKid: oo wow umm it ends at 1 but u can pick me up a half hour early
SuddenlyOld1: shoot.
SuddenlyOld1: the place rents horses from 9-3.
1SweetLilKid: darn thats not fair
SuddenlyOld1: well. let me know next time you're off dance, and we'll go.
1SweetLilKid: kk i would skip but were goin to competition in febuary
1SweetLilKid: u can cum if u can
SuddenlyOld1: ...
SuddenlyOld1: OMG. just don't.
SuddenlyOld1: c-o-m-e is very different than cum, and you're not supposed to be old enough to know what that means, so don't type it.
1SweetLilKid: lol ok i wont im sorry
1SweetLilKid: ummm im scared to find out now
SuddenlyOld1: um.
SuddenlyOld1: aaaaaaaaaaaaanywaaaaaay

When did that baby girl start text messaging like a bonefide teenager?
When did I become the "I'll wash your mouth out with soap" lady?

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